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Innovative and concrete solutions to prevent infiltration problems


Innovative and concrete solutions to prevent infiltration problems

Do you have water infiltration problems?

The arrival of the rainy season, often brings with it water infiltration problems and related damages: structural damages, degradation of materials, humidity and mold-related exposure. In fact, the main source of masonry water penetration is driving rains, and the level of infiltration is affected by rain quantity and wind pressure. 

Water can enter the wall system through pores and cracks at many locations affecting vertical walls or roofs and can be caused by water system failures or by exterior walls leaks. In case of water ingress an immediate and effective waterproofing remedy must be put in place to protect the walls, roofs, terraces and foundations and avoid further damages that could result in significant economic costs. 

That’s why, when it comes to structural waterproofing, it is mandatory to contact industry experts to carry out the necessary evaluations and to choose the proper solution.
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Waterproofing systems overview

Prefabricated bituminous membranes
Prefabricated Polymer membranes
Self-adhesive bituminous membranes
Self-protected membranes with slate granules
Cement-based waterproofing products
Integrated waterproof and thermal insulation system
Chemical barrier anti-humidity systems

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