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Why should you choose a Pellet Stoves?

Nowadays lot of heating systems types are available, even within the same kind of product like pellet stoves. 

With such a range of choices, the right thing to do is rely on industry professionals to have technical advises on pellet stoves heating systems. 

To choose a pellet stove for your home has a lots of advantages

The advantages of having a pellet stove system

Compared to wood, pellet releases greater fuel power as it contains less humidity and allows optimization of consumption.
Pellet stoves are easy to use and clean. Pellet produces low ash and fine dust amounts, that’s why little maintenance is required.
It is possible to program the power-up, the shutdown and the operating temperature, even remotely, via smartphone.
 Thanks to the duct system it is possible to heat more rooms simultaneously.
Unlike classic heating system, pellet stoves ones generate heat immediately after ignition.
It represents to all intents a piece of furniture with a careful design.
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How do I choose a pellet stove?

There are different things to be considered when choosing a pellet stove. First of all, the choice of thermal power depends on space dimensions. It is also necessary to carry out an inspection to determine if it is possible to build the chimney. 

Feeding tank capacity must fit your needs. You need to take into account stove dimensions and weight to better evaluate the spaces we have at our disposal. Last but not least environmental performance and safety equipment play their key part.

How much does it cost a pellet stove system?

The cost of a pellet stove heating system strictly depends on individual needs Let’s try to summarize the major aspects that determine the cost of a pellet stove system.
- Type of stove (ventilated – ducted - hydro) 
- Thermal power 
- Capacity of the feeding tank 
- Environmental performance 
- Safety equipment 
- Applied technology 
- Design and materials

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