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Solar Power System

Unlimited clear energy

Solar Power System

Unlimited clear energy

What are solar power systems?

A photovoltaic system is a power system that converts solar energy into direct current electricity using solar cells. Each solar panel is composed by photovoltaic cells (or solar cell), electrical devices that have the task of converting solar energy into electricity. 

The system is then connected to an electronic device called “inverter”, that transforms direct current coming from the system into alternating current that can be used immediately at home. There are various types of photovoltaic systems, but the most used is the grid-connected PV system. 

The grid-connected photovoltaic systems dumps electricity into electricity distribution systems managed by third parties but also into private systems.

The Advantages of Photovoltaic Systems

Clean energy

You can make a positive difference in protecting our environment

Production capacity guaranteed

Solar power is a renewable and potentially inexhaustible source that guarantees energy independence from non-renewable sources

Little maintenance

Solar panels require low maintenance: usually you must perform it twice per year

Cut the bill

Producing electricity independently also means drastically reduce the cost of the electricity bill

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